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Great, so you fancy laying down some funky bass lines on a bass guitar! Now you just need to choose which style of bass you want to play! Here at Guitarbitz we offer some of the main styles that have always been around and some more modern, cooler designs. The two iconic styles would be the Precision Bass Guitar and the Jazz Bass Guitar. These have slight differences which may influence your choice so read below and see which one you think would be the best bass for you.


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The Precision Bass, the most classic, standard electric bass guitar going! Virtually unchanged since its launch in 1951 you can gaurantee this type will deliver a solid tone every time. The P-Bass is the easiest bass to operate with just two controls and one pickup. They tend to be quite heavy as they are bigger than 6-string guitars but that all helps when it comes to a large, thumping sound.

Why should you buy a Precision Bass? Well, if you want things to be ultra simple and classic then this is the obvious choice. It was a wooly tone that has been used on countless records in the past. So, a true icon. In order to choose though, it's best to compare it to the Jazz Bass.

When comparing this to a Jazz bass (below) the neck of the P-Bass is fatter and it's wider at the first fret of the guitar. Some say that Jazz basses are easier to play so if you have small hands or are younger then maybe you should consider a Jazz style instead. If you have normal to large sized hands then the big neck actually feels great and makes the instrument feel substantial.

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Squier Classic Vibe 70s Precision Bass
See a Precision Bass v Jazz Bass:

Squier Vintage Modified 70s Jazz Bass

The Jazz Bass, another classic made by Fender in 1960. This instrument is slightly more advanced and modern than the P-Bass and you can get a bigger array of sounds out of it, it's more versatile. It's called the Jazz bass but it's not just for Jazz playing styles! It still is, to this day, one of the most popular choices for bass players playing Blues, Rock, Jazz, Country, Slap, Funk and so many more styles!

Thanks to its slimmer neck and nut design it's much easier than the P-Bass to reach those notes around the 1st fret. It feels quite a bit more comfortable if you have small hands. Another difference is the body shape, it's more angled where the P-bass is a bit more boxy. Also you've got two pickups each of which have their own volume control which allows you blend between the two for a huge range of possible tones.

Why should you buy a Jazz Bass? If you need a bit more versatility and want to be able to explore more sounds from your bass then that's one reason to go for this over the Precision. The body shape, as mentioned above, is different so which shape do you prefer? Generally the Jazz is slightly easier to play so that could be a factor to consider.

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Fender Vintage Modified 70s Jazz Bass

See a Precision Bass v Jazz Bass:

Rock & Metal Bass Guitars

Moving on from the classics we now go into what we describe at Rock Bass Guitars. These are bass guitars that are much more modern and are made to be very versatile. This style tends to be a lot lighter and much easier to play as the design is focused on playability. They also give you more options when it comes to sound. There are more controls which allow you to get your tone just right. This style of bass is used by more Metal & Hard Rock players are they are much easier to play.

When it comes down to purchasing your first bass, it's down to you, go and try these different styles and see which one suits you best. You never know until you try!

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Ibanez SR305 5 String Bass Guitar
Hear a Rock Bass in this video:


There are, of course, many more styles of bass guitar available on the market. Have a browse at our Bass Guitar Department to see it in its entirety.

We also offer Bass Guitar Starter Packages which are the perfect way to begin learing the bass. We offer both Jazz and Precision styles as well as other alternatives. At around £200 they come with everything you need to get playing some great bass lines in no time at all!

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