Effects Pedals - Pedal Board Guide

If multi effects pedals just aren’t your thing or you want to build up a pedal board with single effect pedals then there are some essential types that will give you a great sound to play loads of different songs and styles. Below is a list of our essential and best choices to start building up your board!
First in the chain just has to be a good old chromatic tuner! Tuning your instrument is essential to your whole set-up sounding its best, so get tuned up and let those notes sing! The Boss TU-3 can be seen as the industry standard model, it’s fit for guitar, bass and even for flat tunings. With an easy to read display it’s a winner for many guitarists! Another plus about the TU3 is that you can power your other stomp boxes from it!
Everyone loves a good wah from time to time! Whether it’s for getting your funk on or for making those solos extra interesting they’re a great thing to have on your board! When it comes down to choosing one it just has to be either a Dunlop Cry Baby or a Vox Original!
Overdrive / Distortion
Next up is an overdrive or distortion pedal! Whether you’re running your amp crunchy or clean it’s always good to have the option of kicking in a bit more gain and drive for some blazing chords and riffs. There’s hundreds of types out there but if you’re just starting up then take a look at good old Boss DS-1 distortion and the SD-1 overdrive; they’re both cool sounding drives and are both pretty cheap! If you’re looking for something a bit more up market though have a look at the MXR Distortion + or the FET Driver for top quality tones! All of these will give you a great driven sound ideal for a range of styles like Rock, Blues and even Metal!
Boost / Lead
When the time comes for that searing solo you may need an extra little boost of volume and gain to cut above the rest of your band, after all if you’ve been given the solo to play you’re going to want it to be heard! Boost those lead breaks with a simple little pedal like the MXR Micro Amp or the Blackstar HT-Boost!
It’s such a widely used effect that sounds great for beefing up solos, playing rhythmic jangles or emulating your favourite guitarist’s tone. It’s a fantastic effect to have whether you need a slap-back Country style echo or a long, everlasting synth like sustain, these stompboxes can manage it all! Some key types include the Boss DD-3, DD-7 and the MXR Carbon Copy. These three are all brilliant models and most of them are used by pros in the music industry! Buy one of those and you won’t be disappointed!
Chorus is used so widely among both guitarists and bassists and is another essential pedal for you board! It’s brilliant for adding texture and thickness to your sound. Whether you’re playing clean or with a whole lotta gain you can get those nice sparkling, shrill tones to fill out and boost your sound. Some brilliant models include the Boss CH-1 Super Chorus, the MXR Micro Chorus and the Uni-Vibe.
A reverb pedal can enhance your sound massively, from epic cathedral like ambience to small room reverberations they’re amazing little gizmos for bigging up your tone! Kick on one of these during your set and your sound will be less harsh and mix much better with your band mate’s amps and gear. The Boss RV-5 is a fantastic digital reverb pedal that can make lots of cool, amazing sounds. Brighten up your tone and add a bit of reverb at the end of your effect chain!
Great, you’ve got yourself some nice shiny new pedals… but wait, they all need power! If you don’t feel like buying half a dozen 9 volt batteries for every other gig then a mains power supply is the way to go! The Boss PSA is a good place to start, plug it into the tuner then use the power output on the tuner to link up all the other ones with a Roland DC power cord! Simple and cheap, but very effective!
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