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A broad range of guitar cables for you to buy from, in a range of lengths from 6 inches to 30 feet, from quality brands like Planet Waves and Fender.

We also have speaker cables, microphone leads and a range of cable adaptors for sale.

If you need one for using at home, a cheaper one will do the job just fine but if you're playing live or in the studio then a higher quality one like our Planet Waves ones may be suitable as they transmit a more pure signal without losing the character of the instrument that you're playing!

Some may have gold plated jack ends that help to convey exactly how the instrument sounds, giving you a much more true tone.

If you use effects pedals and are using patch leads for gigs or in the studio then high quality ones are recommended as if you have cheap ones by the time you've made 5 or 6 connections to different pedals you're going to be loosing signal which will compromise your overall guitar tone.

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View: 16 / 32 / 48 / products per page