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From polish and wax for your guitars body, string cleaner and lemon oil for the fingerboard, to humidifiers and feedback busting gadgets! Check out these products from brands such as Planet Waves, Fender and Ernie Ball.

Every now and again your guitar will need to be cared for as it will gather dirt and sweat that needs to be cleared off. Your instruments fret board is an essential part of the instrument and needs a bit of TLC.

So, when you restring it, which you should between 24-48 playing hours, clean your fret board with some lemon oil. This will remove the all the 'grime' and allow the oils to soak into the wood making it feel and look a lot better whilst helping to prolong its life.

We sell guitar care kits to help you keep your guitar in tip top condition. These are good because they come with all the vital guitar cleaning and maintaining products to help your guitar look great and live longer!

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View: 16 / All / products per page