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A wide range of guitar picks for sale from different brands such as Jim Dunlop, Fender, Ibanez, Dava and Planet Waves. Plectrums come in all different shapes and sizes to suit different  players and playing styles. From thumb and finger picks to Jazz picks we have them all here for sale online and in our Frome store.

They come in an array of different thicknesses for different tastes, styles and sounds. They can be very thin and flimsy at around .4mm or very thick and strong at 2mm or more!

For acoustic guitars sometimes a softer pick would be more appropriate as it allows you to have a wide range of dynamics whilst retaining the integral sound of the guitar. If you have a very thick one it wouldn't sound as elegant and you wouldn't be able to control the dynamics as much. Of course though, it's all down to your individual preference and ability; they are cheap so buy a range of sizes to see which suits you the best!

For thinner gauge strings (8s and 9s) a softer plectrum may be better to use as it would have less stress on the strings potentially preventing it from being plucked too hard which could cause a breakage. Again though, its down to your own playing and preference.

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View: 16 / 32 / 48 / products per page