Guitar Check

To ensure your guitar reaches you in perfect condition we carry out a checking procedure to make sure that it passes our standards before shipping. Every instrument is examined according to a 12 point check list and a Guitarbitz quality control sticker attached once passed. In addition to this we want to ensure that no harm can come to it on the journey between us and you and so we have a rigorous packing procedure involving multiple protective layers. If you notice that this packaging is damaged when delivered by courier it is important to check the goods and if damaged, refuse the delivery and call us immediately. We have outlined the 12 point check and packing procedures below to show how we are passionate about your instrument.


12 Point Check

body finish check   strings checked   neck check
1) Finish checked for imperfections or damage
2) Strings tuned up and tested for tone and playability
 3) Neck checked for bending or humps
  truss rod check frets check
4)  Tru ss rod adjusted for correct positioning
5) Frets examined  for playability 6) Bridge checked for position and hold on strings
strap hooks checked neck joint check machine heads checked
7) Strap buttons tested for secure fitting
8) Neck joint examined
9) Machine heads turned and tested for secure grip on strings
top nut check controls checked pickups checked
10) Nut tested for secure fitting and correct string height
11) Switches, volume and tone controls tested for faulty connections 12) Pickups checked for responsiveness 


Packing Procedure


1) Guitar unwrapped from factory packaging 2) Body and finish checked 3) Cable inserted and electrics checked
4) Guitar tuned up and 12 point check performed 5) Guitar body cleaned and polished
6) 12 point check completed and sticker attached
7) Guitar wrapped back up
8) Placed in protective cardboard casing 9) Packing peanuts added for protection against movement
10) Guitar box wrapped in large bubble wrap layer
11) Bubble wrap layer secured with fragile tape 12)  Guitar ready for shipping
Please note, that the packing procedure may vary slightly depending on the product being sent.

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