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Welcome to the Looper Pedals department of Guitarbitz. Here we have for sale our range of Looper stompbox effect pedals. We stock brands such as BOSS, Roland and Line 6.

What is a looper?

A looper pedal is a pedal that allows you to record audio (this could be your guitar, vocals, or anything that can be recorded) and play it back in a loop by using the pedal to control when it comes on and off. With looping effect pedals you can create a backing track by layering recorded samples on top of each other. This is simple to do, and most loopers feature a drum machine so you can play along and make a song.

These effects pedals can be used for a number of different tasks. If you want to jam along with yourself simply record your chord structure, add a drum beat and then solo over the top of it or what ever you want to do! You can stop and start the loop at any time at your will.

Bigger looper stations allow you to store loops on different pedals which enables you to bring in different sounds as an when you want rather than having all your layered sounds playing at once. This allows you to create an interesting piece of music quickly and effectively for playback.

If you're a solo artist then these pedals can be very helpful to you. For example, Ed Sheeran uses a Boss RC-30 in his live performances to give a different feel and dynamic to the solo act making it sound like there is a whole band playing. KT Tunstall also uses a looper pedal to amazing effect during her performances.

These pedals fit in well on a pedal board as some of them are small and compact, or they work just fine on their own. As they're quite expensive pedals they are generally very well built and durable.

So if you're interested in a looper station pedal just take a look at what we have to offer. Remember, Guitarbitz offer FREE next day delivery to the UK so you can be looping in no time at all!