Multi Effects Pedals | Guitarbitz Guitar Shop

A multi-effects pedal is a single unit that has many different sounds in it for you to use.  It will have delay, chorus, overdrive, flanger etc all in one. This is a more economical way of buying effects as for the price of 2 single stompboxes, you could potentially buy hundreds of effects in one box!

With most there are factory pre-made sounds to get you sounding great from the first boot of the device. Generally you can also create your own sounds from scratch and then save them for use at a later date; even if you turn the device off and on again it's still stored!

There are a large number for sale for beginners right through to professionals. We offer processors at each end of the spectrum and some in between. We have some very good quality and cheap multi-effects, ideal for beginners and kids. Also we have some very expensive units ideal for the gigging / recording musician.

So, whether you're looking to buy your first multi-effects floor board or if you're a pro needing some high tech gear, we have it all here to buy online and in our Frome shop.