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Here at Guitarbitz we offer a range of power supplies for sale for single effects pedals, multi-effect pedals, pedal boards and recording interfaces from brands such as BOSS, Roland and Line 6 which are available to buy online and in store in Frome. Save money in the long run with a power supply rather than buying batteries. They're more reliable and wont stop working half way through a gig!

Using batteries with your effects can be tidy and effective but eventually they need replacing which can be frustrating as there generally isn't an indication as to when the battery is going to die.

With big multi effect floor boards if you want to power them from batteries you would need a lot of batteries and they would wear down very quickly. It's more economical to have a power supply.

If you have a recording interface don't risk your device running out of charge half way through recording a song! A power supply is a safe and trusty alternative to batteries.

Make sure your device runs at the same voltage and polarity as the power adapter that you're trying to power as matching them up wrong could cause damage to your equipment.