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In this section buy from our recording devices and interfaces from brands such as BOSS, Line 6 and Samson.

Whether you're looking for a small and portable device to record anywhere and at any time or a full on recording studio in your hands then we have a range for you to choose from.

It's amazing what you can achieve from a handheld recorder these days. Small recorders have so many functions and capabilities to get you a studio quality sound in a quick and easy way. Record, mix and master a track all in a tiny recording studio with effects.

We also sell audio interfaces. An audio interface allows you to plug instruments or microphones into a computer. It allows you to record into a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) at very high quality and with very little latency unlike a lot of computer's sound cards. Bridge the connection between your guitar / mic with an audio interface.

Coming under the recording category are D.I boxes. A 'Direct Injection' box is a device that allows you to plug instruments straight into a mixer either for recording or for live sound. Instruments like keyboards, bass guitars and acoustic guitars are usually plugged into a mixer through a D.I box.

These types of boxes are essentially an attenuator, as they take the high impedance signal from the instrument and change it into a low impedance single that is better for plugging into a balanced XLR microphone input.

So, if you need a recording studio in your hands, an audio interface or other recording applications we have them here for sale at cheap prices. Remember, Guitarbitz offer FREE next day UK delivery so get recording quickly!