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Acoustic Guitar Packages

Classical Guitar Packages

Check out the range of Acoustic Guitar Packages
we have for sale. A great way to learn the guitar,
with everything you need you get playing.

We have a variety of  classical guitar packs to buy.
These are a fantastic option for beginners, with 3 different
sizes, 1/2, 3/4 and full size - they are fantastic for children.


Electric Guitar Packages

Bass Guitar Packages

Shop our range and get rocking with an
electric guitar and amp package
with everything you need to start learning to play.

We have  bass guitar packs for sale and these are
a great way to begin playing, with amp & accessories,
you'll get everything you need to make it all about the bass


Left Handed Guitar Packages at Guitarbitz

If you're left handed, then take a look at our range of left handed guitar packages  we have for sale.

Now £189.00
Was £229.00
You Save £40.00 (17%)
Now £169.00
Was £209.00
You Save £40.00 (19%)
Now £99.00
Was £149.00
You Save £50.00 (34%)