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Welcome to our acoustic guitar strings department, here you will find all your favorite brands, Elixir, Ernie Ball, Martin and Rotosound amongst others.

They come in 2 broad types, specifically describing the metal they are made with.  80/20 Bronze is a bright golden colour, and these strings are bright and loud, with chiming, bell like tones.

Phosphor Bronze, on the other hand, is a much paler coloured metal, and these strings give a much more mellow, softer sound.  These are generally more popular, and almost all new guitars come fitted with phosphor bronze strings.

Then of course you also need to consider the gauge of the strings you want, a light set like 10's will be easy on the fingers, low on volume and low on depth of tone.

A heavy gauge, say 12's or 13's, will be harder to play with, but will give more tonal response and more volume.


You may be intersted in our tutorial on putting new strings on an acoustic guitar.

Lots to look at and choose between, so if we can help at all, let us know!


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