Martin Acoustic Guitar Strings

Martin strings are the acoustic string of choice for musicians around the world. Wound to exact specifications, you can depend on these strings for tone, brightness and clarity on a daily basis.

Martin Acoustic Guitar strings come in different thicknesses and materials to suit you, your guitar and your playing styles. Buy cheap Martin Strings for sale at Guitarbitz Guitar Shop. If you buy in bulk the string prices are even cheaper!
Martin strings come in different materials such as 80/20 and Phosphor Bronze. Phosphor Bronze strings will give you a more rounded, even sound between the treble and the bass ends. Whereas, 80/20 bronze strings are more crisp and bright and will emphasise the high frequencies more than the phosphor bronze strings. Martin strings come in sets for 6 string acoustics and 12 strings acoustics.
String thicknesses that you can choose from by Martin are:
  • Extra Light Acoustic Guitar Strings in gauge 10-47
  • Custom Light Acoustic Guitar Strings in gauge 11-52
  • Light Acoustic Guitar Strings in gauge 12-54
  • Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings in gauge 13-56

Generally the thicker the string the louder the acoustic guitar will be, however it will be harder to play as the strings will have more tension than the lighter gauge strings. Strings like the extra lights will be a bit quieter, more bright and easier to play as there won't be as much tension in the strings. If your doing drop tunings or open tunings thicker strings would probably be better to use as they have more tension when you tune the strings down.

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String Advice

When should you change strings on an Acoustic Guitar?

Here are a couple of questions to answer:

1) Have you had the same strings on for over 2 months?
2) Are your strings rusty?
3) Are your strings rough?
4) Do your strings sound dull?
5) Had a string break recently?
6) Do your strings smell?

If you answered yes to any of the above, its probably time to replace your acoustic guitar strings.

Because of moisture on your fingers and in the atmosphere, strings corrode and rust over time and their ability to vibrate diminishes. This not only causes the sound to dull but even worse, the feel of the strings becomes rough and will hurt or even damage your fingers.

Strings can also become brittle from too much vibration, just think of how a paper clip snaps if you twist it too much, the same happens to strings.
Martin Strings
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