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Hi all.

There have been a few changes at Guitarbitz recently.  If you have popped into the shop between January and now you would have heard lots of banging, bumping, sawing and on the odd occasion some naughty words.

Well at last, we have finished our teaching rooms, so there an air of calm has come back to the shop (except when we ramp up the amps).

We have also decided to sponsor a big local music event this year and we hope to see you there, as there is a fantastic line up and we will have our lucky dip and the chance to win lots of prizes.

So read on and find out what's been happening at Guitarbitz and we'll see you in the shop soon.

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Guitar Lessons at Guitarbitz
Guitar Lessons
Learn how to play at Guitarbitz 

It has taken longer than we had expected.  There was Davin thinking he could build 2 soundproof rooms in 1 month.  hahaha.

He was kind of right.  He managed to "build" the 2 teaching rooms in a month, but then the process of hanging doors, carpeting, painting, and then the corridor, stairs and even the toilet needed lots of work to make them safe and looking smart, took another 2.

But they are now finished.

We have tutors lined up to take appointments for lessons and they are able to teach at all levels with lots of different genres.

So if you are an accomplished guitarist that wants to learn a new technique or a total beginner that knows nothing, then give us a call or drop in to the shop to chat about what you would like to learn and we can sign you up for a lesson with an appropriate tutor.

Guitarbitz Sponsors the Village Pump Folk Festival Club Stage  
Village Pump Folk Festival
Guitarbitz Sponsoring the Club Stage 

Come and join us at this years Village Pump Folk Festival being held at the white Horse Country Park (next to the old Westbury Cement Works).

There is an amazing line up with Steeleye Span, the Proclaimers and Steve Knightly headlining and lots of other great artists throughout the weekend.

Guitarbitz are sponsoring the Club Stage, where there will be lots of the regions best local artists performing as well as open mic and other events planned over the weekend.

We will have a marquee next to the Club Tent, where you can come and have a moments rest on our comfy sofa and even have a jam on some of our instruments.

We will also be offering free intro lessons with our guitar and folk instrument tutors.

Remember to buy a program and bring our advert along to have a go on our lucky dip.  There are lots of prizes to be won, from sets of strings, straps, ukuleles to guitars and more.

You can buy tickets for the whole 3 days or just day tickets with free camping.

For more details and to buy tickets, please visit the Village Pump Folk Festival website.


New In at Guitarbitz  
New In  
We have lots of new gear.  

We are always looking at new brands, guitars, amplifiers and accessories to stock on our website and therefore in the shop.

Here are just a few new bitz that we have got in...
1) Fender Effects Pedals
2) Blackstar ID modeling amplifiers
3) Roland Cube Street
4) New Fender guitars
5) Bulk string packs

Take a look at all the new stuff we have recently got in on our website and if you fancy having a try on anything, then just pop into the shop.

PS. Mention Tusq & Lube and get your free sample Tusq plectrum and sachet of PrePlay while stocks last.

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