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Back to School - A Great way to Learn Music

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The school holidays are over
, the family holiday was months ago, it feels like it never happened and everything is now a distant memory.

But good news, the first few days of having to drag the kids out of bed, get them dressed, fed and ready for school have also passed and the routine is starting to become settled again, well that is until the next holidays which seem to be only a few more weeks away.

So what's next?  Handing you a little note and without warning...... "Mum / Dad, guess what?....  They are doing guitar lessons in school.  Can I learn? 


With the recent news that the guitar is now the most requested instrument to learn in school, it's to be expected.




But what of the Violin and Recorder?  They are still around, but they have been left behind with the introduction of the Ukulele.  A kind of mini guitar with only 4 strings, but are amazingly easy to learn and play and don't worry, they sound great compared to recorder and violin.  No screeches, no ear piercing high notes, just soft mellow music. 

And here's the bonus, if you play guitar, then its exactly the same as playing the 4 treble strings, so you already know how to play it.  It's the same chord shapes, the same scales, just in a different key - just as if you put a capo on the 5th fret of your guitar.

So below are just some of the ukes that we have in stock that you might be interested in.

  Guitarbitz Guitar Shop

FROM £19.95
These are not just for the kids!!!


Guitarbitz Guitar Shop

Guitarbitz Guitar Shop

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