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We Now Stock Gibson and Epiphone 

Looking for a classic?  Then take a look at our range of quality
used Gibson and Epiphone guitars.

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We scour the country to find some fantastic examples of Gibson and Epiphone Guitars. We look for guitars that are in the years between 1991 and 2006.  In those years, the guitars they manufactured are considered of very good quality, using top tone woods and excellent components.

Let's take a look at Gibson guitars. The newer models when compared to the older models, have some major differences, and although they are still a fantastic guitar, they are not the same.

The more recent made Gibsons have chambers inside the body to make them lighter - a great advantage when having it slung over your shoulder for a couple of hours, however, this chambering has affected the resonance and tone of the guitar.


Older models had point to point wiring, using, you guessed it... wire.  The newer models are using printed circuit boards, which has again altered the tone.


The other major change are the tuners, the older models have the traditional green tulip style machine heads where you have to turn them to tune it, whereas the current models are fitted with their Min-ETune auto tuning system, again a great addition, but there are a lot of purists out there that prefer the good old fashioned manual machine head.

Other New Features

Adding to this, more recently, they have even added zero frets, ultra slim bodies, coil taps, phase taps, G-Force, Turbo Boost, and the list goes on. 

Now for some, this is fantastic, but if you take a look at the forums, you will see opposing thoughts of a huge number of guitarists.

if you want a traditional Gibson, you have to look at either buying from the Custom Shop (remortgage needed) or go for a quality used one.

Epiphones have had an overhaul as well, although not as extreme as the Gibsons, but none the less, we have seen a marked difference in quality between ones made 10 years ago and the ones made now.

We always have our eyes open and are always on the lookout and once we find one we make a fair offer and arrange to collect it.

How We Treat Used Guitars

Once we get them here at Guitarbitz, we give them lots of TLC to bring them back to as close as we can get to their original showroom condition.

We first check that everything is as it should be, make sure everything works as it should do, and then we strip the guitar back.

We take off the strings to get to the fingerboard, and after polishing the frets, we get to work on the fretboard itself.  Using a combination of lemon oil, Gorgomyte and lots of elbow grease to get it clean and as smooth as silk.

Then comes the body, we remove the scratch plate, knobs, bridge and tailpeice and get to work with specialist creams and polishes to get rid of years of dust and restore its original finish, buffing out any minor scratches and making it shine.

But we're not finished yet.

Onto the pickups. Out these come so we can check which pickups were used, and then get to work on them.  They are prone to tarnishing and over the years they loose their sparkle, so we try to remove as much of the tarnish as possible. But due to the chrome covers, it isn't always possible to get them back to their original condition. Once we are happy though, we put them back in, after having given the body under them a thorough clean.

We now start putting the guitar back together. Putting on a new set of Coated gauge 10 strings, we bring the guitar into tune. 

Now for the fiddly bits.

People over the years have a tendency to adjust the screws on the saddle thinking they are improving the intonation. More often than not it is set up perfectly at the factory and so don't need any work. So, we make sure the intonation is perfect and rearrange the saddles to get them as they should be.

Now for the neck. We check the straightness of the neck with the new strings and adjust the truss rod to get the neck as straight as possible.

Onto the setup, in conjunction with the truss rod, we adjust the height of the bridge to get the best action with the least amount of fret buzz as possible.


Almost there. 

Out comes the Gibson polish and we give the whole guitar a thorough buffing with a quality microfiber cloth

Now you see the real shine that only a guitar of this quality can, almost looking like a gemstone, we pop it on one of our wall hangers and watch as person after person admires our hard work, and then.......

....before we know it, its gone! SOLD.

As soon as you see one of these beauties you fall in love.  Even the ones that have dings and dents from a loving owner that really gigged it.  It doesn't matter, once you play one, feel it, hear it, we promise you'll fall in love!

So if you are looking at a Gibson or an Epiphone, remember to keep an eye out on our New In at Guitarbitz page to see the new models we have.  And if you fall in love with a guitar, buy it as soon as you see it, otherwise your heart may be broken.

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