• Earn Reward Points every time you shop at Guitarbitz Guitar Shop

• Points are automatically converted to money and placed in your E-Wallet for you to use against future purchases

• For every £1 you spend you get 1 point.  Keep an eye out for bonus points on selected products.

• Start shopping now and start saving points.  You can use them against your next purchase or save them up for your dream guitar.

• Simply log-in to see your current balance.  Points are added automatically when you make a purchase!

How does it work?
For each pound spend, you will earn 1 point.  Each Point is worth 1p which is automatically added to your E-Wallet.
For example, if you buy a guitar that costs £500, you will earn 500 points, which will automatically add £5.00 to your E-Wallet.

How do I spend my reward points?
Reward points are automitaclly converted into cash.  This is held in your E-Wallet which is part of your account here at Guitarbitz.
On your next purchase, at the checkout, you will be asked if you wish to redeem your E-Wallet balance.
N.B. To redeem your E-Wallet, you must pay by Credit or Dedit card.


Bonus Points
Keep your eyes peeled as we will have products that give you more than 1 Reward Point for each pound you spend.

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