What RightOn! Say:


Hello, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Antonio Gil Carrió and I am the one who one day had the crazy and exciting idea of founding RightOn! Straps. This is our story.

The history of our company started in 1973 when my parents, Juan Gil and Rosa Carrió, decided to start their own Leather Goods company, building on the experience and knowledge they had gained after several years of working in this sector.

As you know, all beginnings are difficult and our case was no exception. With a lot of effort, hopes, and dreams the company grew and evolved and it is with the same dedication and fighting spirit that we continue 45 years later.



At the beginning we specialised in making belts, we later added handbags, briefcases and mobile phone covers.

Amongst our clients we can count big brand names in the world of fashion such as Mango, Zara, Desigual and Carolina Herrera. We have also made belts for uniforms of various airline companies and government security and armed forces, etc.

We have been constantly evolving, adding new products to our catalogue and accumulating experience to be able to offer quality-guaranteed products which meet the individual needs of each client.

We love to conquer hearts, surprise and excite.



It was in 2009 when I was given the challenge which would turn into the seed of RightOn! Straps. I was asked to create a collection of guitar straps which, in terms of design and quality, would stand out from all others on the market.

For my part, I developed my passion for music by presenting various music programs for over 15 years on local and regional radio stations. I have always been captivated by music and I love discovering new bands and collecting vinyl records. So, when I was challenged to create a unique guitar strap, I felt highly motivated and, together with my team, got down to work.

Once again, we met our clients’ expectations and three years later, in 2012 we decided to create new collections and launch our own brand of guitar straps.

And that’s how RightOn! Straps, the most exciting project I have ever worked on, was born.



In truth RightOn! was not the first idea we came up with and, in fact, in the first photo session we did, the brand name was different. Although the decision had been taken, I was not convinced … I couldn’t stop thinking about the name and just knew that the brand we had chosen did not do our product justice.

This happened at the beginning of 2012 and one day the topic of an old car commercial came up during a conversation with friends (see video); the backing music was Sex Machine by James Brown which insistently repeated the expression Get Up. When I got home, given that at that time my level of English was zero, I looked up the lyrics of the song and translated them to find out what that Get Up really meant. That’s how I came across another expression in the same song which I did not know: Right On! And, as I didn’t know what that meant either, I googled it and got an excellent explanation from urbandictionary.com which made me see the light: Right On! An expression which adds a positive emphasis to an idea. It can mean COOL, or FANTASTIC or YOU-GOT-IT. It is a response of agreement and expresses agreement or solidarity with another, it means OF COURSE, GO FOR IT … and that is when I felt sure that this expression was the one that perfectly defined our mission and commitment.



Provide the most demanding guitarists with the straps and accessories they deserve.

Make straps with a unique personality.

Innovate and improve wherever necessary.

Create products which will be used and appreciated for as long as possible.

Offer solutions to satisfy our clients’ needs by offering them:

1.      An exclusive and innovative length adjustment system which is simple, fast and practical.

2.      The best shoulder grip which does not slip nor excessively stick.

3.      A wide variety of pockets and places to put picks.

4.      Padding which provides more comfort.

5.      Materials which respect the environment and straps which are 100% free of all animal parts.

6.      Exceptional and original materials used in the manufacturing process.

7.      The best price/quality relationship on the market for a quality product.



Inspire and motivate every guitarist by offering them the strap they desire.

Reach every musician and every city in the world.



We are passionate, we have fun and we love what we do.

We strive for excellence and to constantly improve.

We love collaborating, creating and innovating.



Now we love to see musicians show off our straps. We love every time you write to thank us for having created such great straps, every time you tell us you love our designs, every time you tell us that you had never dreamt a strap could be so light and comfortable, that since you started to use our straps your instrument feels lighter. We love it when you urge us to carry on and spread the word about RightOn! around the world



Passion is the most intense emotion I know.

It is the inexhaustible energy that leads to results, which at first, seem unattainable.

You only feel it when you dedicate yourself to what really excites you.  

To what you love and to what feels like your Own.

Because when you live with passion, everything else is boring. (Belarmino Garcia- El poder de la pasión - 2015)

RightOn! Straps