The importance of new strings is perhaps most apparent on acoustic guitars, with nothing beating the first few beautifully bright, jangly chords on a freshly strung acoustic. In keeping with our broad range of high end acoustic guitars we also have a well-stocked wall of acoustic guitar strings from all of the leading brands including Elixir, D’addario, Ernie Ball and Martin. We are proud to offer multiple variants of phosphor bronze strings, renowned for their incredible tonal characteristics.

From Elixir we have the ever popular Nanoweb series of coated strings which feature Elixirs unique coating technology, whereby the whole string is coated in order to preserve tone, clarity and brightness to make for a longer lasting and better feeling playing experience. Elixirs range of coated strings have proven to be some of the first choices for many players playing live and recording due to the superb clarity and warmth that they provide to their guitars.

New York City based D’addario’s Nickel Bronze series also offers a fantastic string option for your acoustic guitar, providing you with a full and warm low end in combination with a clear high range frequency and fantastic projection, a string that’s really going to shine on a big gig! D'addario's latest range of coated strings, the 'XT' line, have also proved to be a brilliant all round long life string for acoustic players, particular those who prefer the feel of a natural string! Available in full Phosphor Bronze and 80/20 Bronze and in all manor of light, medium and heavy gauges, the 'XT' line certainly has something for everyone! 

Ernie Balls fantastic 'Earthwood' line also offers some classic phosphor bronze strings in a variety of gauges. Renowned guitar brand Martin also produce their own line of strings which are ever popular and find their way onto all manor of guitars as well as Martins themselves. 

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