Welcome low frequency dwellers, here you'll find all amps and cabs to fulfil your lowest desires! Wether you're a home plucker or a stadium slapper we have a rig that will suit your needs! Bass amps are a huge part of anyones bass tone, it's important you find the rig that caters to all your needs. For those who aren't lucky enough to yet have roadies it's also important to find a rig that doesn't break your back during load in. If you're finding the weight of certain rigs too much then the Fender Rumble series could be the solution to you problems! The Rumble series includes 15, 20, 30, 50 and 200 watt models with the Rumble 200 coming in at a super light 34.5 pounds! The biggest model in the Rumble range is an 800 watt head which coupled with its matching 4x10 cabinet is a true beast! 

We also have an array of awesome Orange bass products that are also suitable for any scenario. The Orange solid state range of Crush amps started at a compact 25 watt combo that is perfect for home use or small jams. For small club shows the 50 and 100 watt combo is also available! For larger shows the Orange Terror Bass packs a solid 500 watts of power into a small lunch box sized head. The Orange Little Bass Thing is another great option for a super powerful rig in a small package! Orange matching bass cabs are also available which much like their guitar counterparts are super solid and really help to amplify and push your sound! 

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