There's nothing quite like a fresh guitar, with brand new strings, a super clean fingerboard, no fingermarks or scratches. However for the vast majority of us this is not likely to last long, especially with rigours of heavy gigging! It is possible however to give our guitars a much deserved spruce up every now and again and we stock some absolutely awesome bits to help you do just that! From big brands such as Dunlop, D'addario, Kyser and more, we've got the tools that you need to get that guitar of yours looking and feel new once again! 

A quick polish and clean is something everyone can do when putting there guitar away and we stock some brilliant items to do it. D'addario and Fender both offer fantastic plush and micro-fibre clothes that coupled with their corresponding spray cleaner or polish, or something like Dunlops 65 polish, bring a shine back to your guitar in minutes. another quick way to keep your guitar strings fresh is with D'addarios XLR8 or the classic Fast-Fret. A quick wipe down with either of these will prolong the life of your strings tenfold! 

When changing the strings there are also a few things to consider taking advantage off while your guitar is stringless! D'addarios fret polishing system is perfect for bringing the shine and smoothness back to your frets, and coming complete with the fret guides and soft polishing paper, it contains everything you need. While the strings are off the guitar too its important to treat that fingerboard so ensure its hydrated, looking nice and dark and not going to suffer any dryness cracking. Dunlop 65 lemon oil or D'addario lemon oil is the perfect tool for the job and will transform any dry fingerboard! 

For gloss finishes its hard not to get some light scratches on your guitar, be it from picking, string changes or just a couple of wild gigs! D'addarios restore allows you to carefully buff any out any light scratches in your finish and can absolutely transform the look of your guitar! Should you need to do any more serious work on your guitars Dunlop offer a brilliant range of tools including some brilliant wrenches and heavy duty fret collars! 

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