As well as our fantastic range of acoustic guitar strings, we also stock a broad selection of nylon strings for the classical players out there. One of our most traditional and popular brands is Augustine who produce an array of different nylon string sets in all manor of tensions, catering for everyone from students all the way through to session and professional level players. Other nylon string brands that we stock are the ever popular Ernie Ball and D'addario. D'addario produce multiple types of nylon string in both the Classic series and the Pro Arte's. The Classic series are aimed at people looking for a great string at a great price without sacrificing tone, whilst the Pro Artès are D'addario's premium string aimed at the more serious player. These strings are sorted by a computer controlled laser to make sure that the strings are produced as precisely as possible to ensure consistent tone!

Ernie Ball produce a set of ball end classical strings which are super handy! The most common classical string requires a tying process to make sure they do not slip, where as these strings cancel out this process by providing a ball end that stops the string at the bridge, meaning they are much easier to put on. The majority of nylon string sets are graded into three tension types, low, medium and high meaning they cater for all music styles. High tension is often recommended for flamenco and heavier playing styles of music, where as a low or medium tension set is aimed at the standard classical player or new starter. Although some brands do a particular set for 3/4 and 1/2 size guitars this is not essential as you can purchase the normal classical sets and trim them to size! 

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