As a guitarist you’re always in need of plenty accessories to keep you rocking! Or you may be looking to buy a guitarist something they would love. Whether it's picks, strings, straps or stands, we’ve always got plenty of options by the best brands in stock. One of the most important and often overlooked pieces of guitar gear is the humble plectrum! Here at Guitarbitz we have a host of different picks in all manor of sizes, shapes, materials and gauges from the likes of Jim Dunlop, Fender, D’Addario and Ernie Ball.  A new style of pick can be a total game changer for your playing and is definitely worth an experiment. We have very handy plectrum variety packs which allow you to explore lots of different styles easily.

Stands! When your guitar is out of action it’s important that it stays safe, either on a stand or in a case. We do recommend keeping it on a stand though as you'll play it a lot more! We offer some brilliant stands starting at great prices that help keep your guitar out and ready to play but safe! For something more sturdy to keep side of stage, or mount on the wall Hercules also offer some of the most robust stands and hangers available. To travel and store your guitars when not in use we also have a host of cases, ranging from Hiscox flight cases and MONO gig sleeves to Mojo and On-Stage gig bags.

If you're getting ready to take the stage or have lots of gigs in the calendar then a good strap is a must have accessory for your guitar. We’ve an array of Fender straps to match any of their awesome guitars, as well as some Woven Gretsch straps and leather DSL straps. D’Addario also offer some premium leather straps that will suit any boutique guitar. Standard woven straps from D’Addario and Fender are also available for those who want something a bit more standard to get the job done.

For many acoustic guitarists especially, a capo is a key piece of kit. We offer a wide range of capos starting with our own branded Guitarbitz capo which is perfect for new starters all the way through to the D’Addario ‘Cradle Capo’ which offers the upmost accuracy when it comes to tuning and intonation. G7th are another popular brand that have been top of the capo tree for many years now and continue to push and innovation designs, most recently with their ‘Performance 3 ART’ capo, which offers some incredible technology that adapts to the radius of your guitars fingerboard.

Finally if you’re keeping your gear down to a minimum or just want to tune quickly and easily then a clip-on tuner is a a great addition to any gig bag or case. We stock a wide range from multiple different brands including D’Addario who have produced a number of different styles of tuner for many years, and Snark who are a popular choice amongst many of our customers!

For more options on any of these accessories and many more take a scroll down below and see what we have to offer!