If you're on a lower budget that does not mean you have to accept poor playability or quality! Some of the biggest brands in the guitar world have some great options for under £200 that will blow you away and help push your playing to the next level. Some of our best cheap electric guitars are the Squier Bullet with their classic looks in the Strat, Tele or Mustang, all with great specs and sounds wether you're a beginner or an accomplished player looking for a work horse you will be amazed by the quality of these. Vintage V100s cater for the players that love the classic rock shaped guitars, with all mahogany design and set necks they're real power houses! The V100 paradise is a stunning guitar with a high spec that Slash would be proud of!

Acoustics: some of the best bang for buck are the TWCRO by Tanglewood with it's mahogany construction, sleek dark looks, satin finish and beautiful open tone your really can't go wrong with the acoustic version for £99 or the electro for £149. If we do not have these in stock then the Statesboro from Vintage is very similar.