E6 Electric Guitar Blaster Pack - Black


Encore E6 Electric Guitar Blaster Pack - Black

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Encore E6 Electric Guitar Blaster Pack - Black


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* Encore E6 electric guitar* 10w BB Blaster amplifier* lead* strap* Kinsmann gig bag* Tutorial DVD* Stand* Digital Tuner* Spare String Set* picksThe Encore electric guitar pack is the answer to anyone who wants to get off to a flying start playing a full sized instrument. If you want to get started but aren't sure what bits and pieces you need then worry not, this kit has got it all boxed up and ready to go!Most importantly, the guitar needs to be plugged into an amplifier to be heard properly and the kit comes with a lead and 10Watt BB Blaster practice amp that can be played quietly, or turned up to make a right racket! The kit also include other less obvious, but equally important items such as a strap, to play standing up, gig bag to carry and protect it and a stand, so it doesn't fall over when you put it down.A QuickTune digital tuner makes tuning before you play fast and easy and there is even a DVD to help you get everything set-up and ready to go. A spare set of strings is included to keep you sounding good as new -these should be replaced regularly to avoid unexpected breakage!The E6 Blaster kit is the best value electric guitar package on the market, with the extensive range of accessories, and available in a great range of colours. This would make an ideal Birthday or Christmas present for someone, and everything comes packed up in an attractive gift box. Please note these may have minor blemishes on the finish.

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