Cort CMV15 Handwired Valve Combo Amp
Cort CMV15 Handwired Valve Combo Amp Cort CMV15 Handwired Valve Combo Amp Cort CMV15 Handwired Valve Combo Amp Cort CMV15 Handwired Valve Combo Amp Cort CMV15 Handwired Valve Combo Amp Cort CMV15 Handwired Valve Combo Amp

Cort CMV15 Handwired Valve Combo Amp

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The guitar amplifiers with a tube circuit that first unveiled in the 1930s truly bloomed in the 1960s thus opening a new chapter for electric guitar music. The new tone created by the combination of electric guitars and tube amplifiers pioneered a new genre of popular music, and helped create countless masterpieces after masterpieces. To this day, many performers and amplifier experts are constantly striving to inherit the tube amplifier tone of the time, and aspire to launch new amplifiers that incorporate old vintage vibes with new features and latest technologies.

Renowned boutique pedal and amplifier maker Moollon has made steady efforts to capture the true tone of the historic tube amplifiers. And through our long collaboration and thorough research with Moollon we were able to launch a new series of tube guitar amplifiers that are built with modern robust construction while remaining true to its vintage concept. We are proud to introduce our Tube Craft series of pure tube amplifiers, envisioned and developed by Moollon’s ideas with Cort’s production efficiency and technology.

Full Tube 15-Watts

For the power section, dual EL84/6BQ5 tubes were used. Famous for its splendor and delicacy, they are used to express the essence of the famous vintage British amplifiers. The preamp section uses three 12AX7 tubes to implement input gain, equalizer, effect loop, and phase inverts. The 12AX7 tubes, with its high voltage gain, are well-known for its natural yet rich overdriven tones that pretty much defines the rock guitar sound from the 1950s to today.

Speaker Design by Moollon

With conventional speakers, we were not able to find the right tone we wanted to implement, and it was inevitable that we needed to develop a special speaker dedicated to Tube Craft. Designed by Moollon, Tube Craft's speakers are designed to best represent the rich dynamics and natural compression of the tube amplifiers. Modeled after the legendary speakers made by British companies in the 60s, the materials for frame, magnet, damper, cone, and dust cap were carefully chosen and rigorously tested to construct an eccentric ceramic-magnet based 30 watt speaker that expresses the delicacy of the vintage speakers.

Hand-Wired Circuitry

Hand-wiring is a time-consuming process that requires expertise, which often times is avoided in mass production models due to poor productivity. However, it is an essential way to build an amplifier for higher stability in tone quality, often implemented by boutique amplifier companies. Hand-wiring ensures the stability of tube circuits that require high voltage, thereby providing the best performance in any environment.

Vintage Housing

The metal chassis is made of light, highly durable aluminium, making it less heavy to carry around while being resistant to external impact deformation. The cabinet is made of robust birch plywood, wrapped with ebony and ivory color tolex that’s dust and water resistant. The three stripes represent the intensity of racing vehicles.

Send/Return on the Back Panel

The Send/Return effects loop jack on the back of the amplifier allows various effects to be connected and utilized.

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