PS-8000-00 String Saver Saddle Kit for Strat & Tele

Graph Tech PS-8000-00 String Saver Saddle Kit for Strat & Tele

Code: PS-8000-00

The Graph Tech PS-8000-00 String Saver saddle kit is the ultimate upgrade for your Standard Telecaster or Stratocaster guitar. Do you want your guitar to be that much stronger and stable? Then these are your answer. 

The String Saver material dramatically reduces the chance of a string break meaning you can play harder for much longer. The self lubricating PTFE material allows greater tuning stability and an improved mid range tone.

These will fit most standard genuine Fender Tele and Strat bridges but check out the measurements before you buy. A must upgrade if you need that extra stability and trust in your guitar. If you're tired to breaking strings at gigs then try these you will be amazed!

"I don't have time for wussy saddles! I need string saddles that can take it! Not get caught up and heat up strings.  I wouldn't think of playing "the Beast" without String Saver saddles, and you can take that to the bank!"  Dick Dale of King of Surf Guitar

  • GraphTech String Saver saddles
  • For Strat and Tele bridges
  • Dramatically reduces string breakage
  • Improved mid range depth
  • Resistant from corrosion
  • Improves tuning stability
  • Self lubrication PTFE material
  • Great upgrade from the standard saddles
  • Centre intonation screw
  • 2 1/16" string spacing
Measure  Length Width
E to E 
0.230" 2.076"
inches 13/16"
13/32" 7/32" 2 1/16"
millimeters 20.70mm 10.41mm 5.84mm
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