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Jim Dunlop

Jim Dunlop Capo/Slide Converter

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Jim Dunlop Capo/Slide Converter


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A brilliant invention, the Jim Dunlop Capo/Slide Convertor simply slips on any fret of your guitar, raising the action enough to allow you to play slide, without any modification or further adjustments to your guitar.Raises strings to allow buzz free slideAdd the sleeve to additional action heightChange tuning to open G, C or D... whatever you like!Centre and position the capo notch exactly over the fret for an accurate changeThe elastic band holds the strings in positionChange to any instrument you like and get a familiar toneIn addition to its use as a standard capo, its innovative design also allows you to raise your guitar's string action so you can play buzz-free with a slide.Now, you don't need a guitar dedicated to slide playing-simply slip on and pick up your slide and let any guitar sing.

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