CS1K Acoustic/ Electric Guitar Capo – Noir


Shubb CS1K Acoustic / Electric Guitar Capo – Noir

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Shubb CS1K Acoustic / Electric Guitar Capo – Noir


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The Shubb C1 Steel String Guitar Capo for electric and acoustic guitars, finished in nickel, is manufactured to a high quality.It has an ingenious design and a patented locking action, that with one smooth flip of the lever locks it securely in place and removes it just as quickly. This design eliminates string pull by replicating how a finger holds down the strings, therefore no re-tuning is necessary.The C1 is suitable for Electric and Acoustic guitars. It is suitable for 6 or 12 string arrangements.Shubb Say:In response to years of requests ? does it come in black? ? now we can say "yes".
We dubbed it 'capo noir'. That just means black capo, but we wanted it to sound a little jazzier, because it does look pretty jazzy!
It is exactly the same as our standard capo, but finished in black chrome.
Ideal for guitars with black hardware, or for anyone who wants a sleek looking capo that is very inconspicuous onstage.

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