DM12E+ 12 String Electro Acoustic Guitar


Sigma DM12E+ 12 String Electro Acoustic Guitar

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Sigma DM12E+ 12 String Electro Acoustic Guitar


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The new 2018 Sigma DM12E+ is a 12-string dreadnought electro acoustic guitar that features a solid Spruce top, built in tuner, a stunning sound and incredible value for money. At just over £200 you're getting a great deal of tone and guitar for your money. This guitar just does not fail to impress, like all guitars from Sigma's SE range they are just fantastic.

The body is non glossed, satin, which gives a nice natural look and aids a massive, cheery tone. To have a solid top really is a bonus when buying any guitar but especially with a 12-string, it helps the guitar to sound big, full and it will just last you a lot longer. A seriously good addition to this guitar. The Mahogany back and sides counter the brightness of the top with a darker, warmer tone which all adds together to create a beautiful balanced sound.The neck is Mahogany and the fingerboard is quality Micarta. It just feels great. The action is incredible, for a 12-string, and playing barre chords is really easy which is not something that's normally easy on a 12 stringer. Just goes to show that this guitar boasts quality and that it was made with care and attention to detail.

This is an electro acoustic, it's got a built in pre amp / pickup system by Sigma that features a built in tuner, volume control and a 3-band EQ. So not only can you enjoy this guitar at home but in the studio recording and at live gigs. Excellent!ÿYou just cannot fault this guitar. Excellent build, great appearance and a truly EPIC sound! You simply have to get yourself one of these babies!

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