VS6 - Gloss Black


Vintage VS6 - Gloss Black

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Vintage VS6 - Gloss Black


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The Vintage VS6B has all the attributes of the original Gibson SG guitar that it bears resemblance to, including a set Mahogany neck, dual Chrome covered humbuckers and two sets of volume and tone controls, not to mention the same rock attitude!The similarity ends when it comes to price however, as the VS6 bears a price tag that begs belief when you take into account the sheer playability and style of the VS6, there is no wonder that this is one of Vintage's best selling guitars.With such easy playability, the VS6 is certainly a versatile guitar and thanks to a pair of Wilkinson humbuckers it has the power to deliver a punchy rock sound. There is enough difference between the rhythm and treble pickups to give expression to bluesy solos or even pound through metal riffs.With both pickups selected you get the best of both worlds, great for clean rhythm playing, and you still have the tone and volume controls to get your desired sound. The unrestricted neck access makes the VS6 in black a great guitar for someone ready to develop their soloing technique and a slim action ensures that the notes roll off your fingertips.ÿAs mentioned in Guitar Magazine Dec03:-* top quality* astoundingly dirt-cheap prices

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