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Buy a Guitar at Guitarbitz Guitar Shop for excellent service and FREE next day UK delivery. We offer a large selection on guitars including: Electric Guitars, Bass Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Classical Guitars and Left Handed Guitars. We have guitars for everyone from cheap, beginner style guitars right up to top of the range guitars for the serious musicians. Guitars that we have for sale online and in store can be bought from brands such as: Fender, Paul Reed Smith (PRS), ESP, LTD, Vintage, Martin, Takamine, Tanglewood, Ashton, Washburn, Yamaha, Squier, Music Man, Line 6 Variax, Gretsch, Encore, Ashton and more! We have a large amount of guitars, just browse through to find your ideal one!


Which Electric Guitar do I buy?

If you're looking at buying your first electric guitar, you may not know which one you want to go for as there are so many guitars that you can choose from!

The first thing to do is to think about which guitar you like the look of as this will make you more enthusiastic about picking it up, playing, practicing and getting better.

Something else to consider is what style of music do you want to play? Different guitars do the job for different styles! If you like Blues, Rock, Jazz then you can be safe with a normal Stratocaster, Telecaster or Les Paul style guitar by brands such as Fender, Squier, Vintage, Yamaha & VOX. If you're into metal and hard rock you may want more of a 'Rock' guitar by brands such as ESP or PRS. We have many of these types of guitar for sale online and in our store at cheap prices!

Finally you need to think about your budget; how much are you willing to spend on your first guitar? In this industry you really do get what you pay for and so it is better if you can get the best you can afford. Now this doesn't mean going out and spending thousands of pounds on your first guitar, it means if you have around £200, spend it all to get the best for your money! If you did spend around £200 on a guitar you can get a very good one!

For other types of guitar like bass and acoustic, follow the same steps!

  1. Buy something you like the look of (something you won't get board with)
  2. Think about what you want to play on it and where you want to play it
  3. Think about your budget


Electric Guitars at Guitarbitz

We have a massive range of Electric Guitars at Guitarbitz. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or a professional we have electric guitars to suit everyone! From cheap beginner guitars right up to the top notch stuff, we have it here available to buy online and in store! Electric guitars come in different styles; we sell many styles of electric guitar including: Stratocasters, Telecasters, Les Pauls, SGs, Semi Acoustic guitars and many more styles.

Take a look and see which style you prefer.

Electric guitars do not get plugged into the mains, it means that they create an electric signal that has to be amplified by an amplifier.

Acoustic Guitars at Guitarbitz

At Guitarbitz Guitar Shop we have a large range of acoustic guitars for sale from lots of different brands. There are different styles of acoustic guitar. Some are small, some are large, some have steel strings, some have nylon. Whether you're looking at an acoustic guitar, electro acoustic guitar (an acoustic guitar with a pickup, meaning it can be plugged into an amplifier), a classical guitar or left handed acoustic guitar, we have a massive range for you to choose from.

The largest of the steel strung acoustic guitars is the Jumbo, Slightly smaller is the Dreadnought and the smallest is the Folk guitar which is about the same size as a Classical guitar (but the strings are made from Nylon on a Classical guitar).  The larger the guitar, the louder they are and also have more bass tones.  The Dreadnought has a even mix of volume, treble and bass tones.  Folk guitars have a bright sound, with more treble tones than a dreadnought.

We have acoustic guitars from brands including Fender, Gretsch, Martin, Takamine, Tanglewood, Vintage, Washburn and Yamaha.

Whether you want your first acoustic guitar or you're a pro we have everything from each end of the spectrum and everywhere in between!

The type of acoustic is related to its shape and size. Some of the types of acoustic guitar that you can buy at Guitarbitz are:

  • Classical Acoustic Guitar (1/2, 3/4, 4/4 size)
  • Folk Acoustic Guitar
  • Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar
  • Baby Jumbo Acoustic Guitar
  • Jumbo Acoustic Guitar
  • 12 String Acoustic Guitar

Bass Guitars at Guitarbitz

At Guitarbitz we offer a large range of bass guitars for sale at great prices. Whether you need a cheap bass guitar, a beginner bass guitar or if you just want to add to your collection then we have many to buy from! Bass guitars come in various designs, the most popular being the Jazz Bass, Precision Bass, as well as more modern style bass guitars. We have bass guitars from brands including Fender, Squier, MusicMan, Yamaha and ESP among others.

We also have left handed bass guitars for sale! Browse the range to find what you want.

Left Handed Guitars

We also have a wide range of left handed guitars in many styles from many brands. Finding left handed guitars can sometimes be challenging, so we have compiled a large range to help you find what you want.


Advice on Buying a Guitar

If you need help buying a guitar, then take a look at our Guitar Buyers Guide which gives you a lot more information to help you make a choice, or feel free to call us on 0845 2222 603.

Buy a Guitar at Guitarbitz and be reassured as we offer a great service and make 12 point checks on every guitar before we dispatch it!

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