Tweaking and customising our prized instruments to make them our own is something we all love to do, sometimes as a modification or to simply replace a worn out part. Here at Guitarbitz we offer a whole range is replacement parts for guitars, bass and other stringed instruments. Some of our most popular upgradable parts come from Graphtech who offer a whole host of saddles, bridges, nuts, saddles and more, which feature Graphtech’s PTFE & TUSQ technology that boasts a whole range of benefits to tuning, feel and all round stability.

For general spare and repair parts we have a whole range of parts from GuitarTech & AllParts, who offer any part required to get your guitar or bass back in shape. From pickguards to machine heads, they have you covered.

For more bespoke upgrades we also stock a host of Grover lines. Products such as Grover Rotomatic locking machine heads and Strap Locks not only improve the performance of your guitar but also provide you with the piece of mind that its fully secure when in use.

With Fender being a huge part of our electric guitar department here at Guitarbitz, we also stock a variety of replacement parts from Fender. Whether you’ve lost a tremolo arm or fancy upgrading the tuners on your Strat or Tele, we have the official Fender replacement part for you.

Check out our full range of parts below!