In recent times ukuleles have become increasingly popular due to their portability, accessibility to all players and relatively affordable price! They are brilliant for people wanting to get into their first instrument and also for youngsters! Here at Guitarbitz we stock an extensive array of ukuleles suitable for beginners all the way up to the experience player. From brands such as Tanglewood & Laka and featuring multiple options such as built in pickups and tuners, we definitely have the right ukulele for you! 

When choosing a ukulele the first thing to decide on is the size thats most suited to you. With four sizes to choose from either Soprano, Concert, Tenor or Baritone we have different options and price brackets for each. One of our best sellers for new players and younger children is the Laka VUS5 which for less than £45 gets you a solid wood ukulele plus a gig bag, the perfect way to get started! For the more advanced players out there Tanglewood have some superb premium models, in particularly from their Java range. Models in this range have fantastic pickups, tuners and a choice selection of solid exotic wood tops!

Other popular instruments that we stock here at Guitarbitz are Mandolins, Banjos and the ever popular Seagull M4 dulcimer guitars! The Seagull M4 has proved to be an absolute hit with first time players young and old. Tuned D-A-D and fretted diatonically these little instruments get you started instantly and are perfect for those who have minimal time but want to get into something creative and musical! 

For a full list of our extensive range of ukuleles and various folk instruments take a scroll below and check out what we have available!