Often referred to as a number of different names including a Spanish guitar, classical guitar or nylon strung guitar, the classical has lots of differences when compared to a steel strung 'western' style guitar. Nylon strung guitars have a much softer sound and can often be heard in Classical and Spanish music. They are a very dynamic instrument and can be heard in some of the most high energy flamenco music as well as the most peaceful classical soundtracks. With a softer sound also comes a softer string making these guitars very popular for beginners as they are much kinder on the fingers for those only just starting, when compared to a steel string acoustic which can cause a few sore fingers in the early days! Available in 1/2, 3/4 and full size we have something for everyone all shapes and sizes! Santos Martinez are an excellent brand the have lots of traditional characteristics with high build quality and some beautiful satin finishes. We offer an exclusive starter kit for 7-11 year olds which comes with a 3/4 size Santos Martinez classical guitar a gig bag and a tuner, all this for just £99! 

We offer a small, yet quality and affordable range for beginners and pros alike. We've mentioned the Santos Martinez already but do have a look at the lovely options by Tanglewood. These have options to plug into a PA system or computer so you can record at ease whenever the moment strikes! 

To check out our full range of nylon strung guitars take a scroll below to see what we have on offer! If you need some extra help to buy the best classical guitar for you then please get in touch via our LIVE chat facility or give us a call on 01225 319540.