New In - Blackstar Amps!

New In - Blackstar Amps!

Recently at Guitarbitz we welcomed a new brand, the awesome Blackstar Amplifiers range, they’ve already been massively popular, we have the full range from the Blackstar Fly 3 right up the brand new Blackstar St James.

Recently at Guitarbitz we welcomed a new brand, the awesome Blackstar Amplifiers range!

Since recently arriving at the store they’ve already been massively popular, we have the full range from the Blackstar Fly 3 right up the brand new Blackstar St James.

Blackstar Acoustic guitar amplifiers

We also have in stock the acoustic guitar amplifier range currently on display in our acoustic department.

Blackstar cater for absolutely every avenue of guitar amplification, from incredibly fun home practice amps to full on gig & studio worthy options. We can’t believe the prices of the Blackstar ID Core range of practice amps, starting at just over £120 it’s our best ever offering making home practice with quality tone even more accessible to every player!

Blackstar Guitar Amplifiers

We’re particularly impressed with the ID BEAM, standing for Bass, Acoustic, Electric & Music, it’s an all in one combo amp that let’s you use all of your instruments whilst also having Bluetooth connectivity to play your favourite songs from your phone in Hi-Fi audio quality.

Blackstar Guitar Amplifiers

So whether you’re in need of a battery amp for taking on holiday, a practice amp for home with built in effects or a valve amp for gigging and recording, Blackstar have you covered and we have everything for sale, on display ready to try before you buy in our fantastic store in the beautiful City of Bath.

Don’t forget you can also order our Blackstar range on the website with free UK delivery!

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