Our electric guitar string selection offers the player everything they could need from all the leading string brands including Elixir, Ernie Ball, D’addario, Dunlop & more! We cater to a huge array of players and styles and stock an array of gauges for a magnitude of tunings and setups, including string sets for baritone guitar, extended range seven and eight string guitar and countless varieties of alternate six string set for different tuning and tensions. As well as the different gauges we also offer multiple different variations of coated and uncoated strings. Coated strings have become a big game changer for many players in recent times and are now available from many of your favourite brands! 

Most recently we have stocked Ernie Balls new ‘Custom Gauge’ strings, which offer the player a number of different in-between gauges to choose from that are perfect for tweaking the tension and setup of our chosen tuning so its just right. Also recently released by Ernie Ball are their 'Burly Slinky' and 'Beefy Slinky' sets which are perfect for those down tuning to D Standard and beyond! As always the ever popular 'Regular Slinky' and 'Super Slinky' sets are always in stock and have been a top choice for thousands of players over the years. 

For the player needing a longer lasting string Elixir continue to produce the ever popular 'Nano-web' series of strings which provide brightness, clarity and a super slick feel for a sustained amount of time. Additional to this fantastic coated string range include Elixirs 'Poly-web' and 'Opti-web' range of coated strings that once again boast an incredibly long life span and offer a different feel than the regular uncoated string. Elixir have been the favourites of many players of late simply of their ability to last a long time and stay fresh and bright! 

D'addarios EXL line continues to be ever popular and the trademark coloured ball-ends of D'addario are ever present in many peoples guitars! For a top quality un-coated string the NYXL line is top of the tree and offers superb quality and clarity of tone. Available in all the popular gauges even through to seven and eight string guitars, these is a top quality line of strings! More recently D'addario have made their way into the line of coat strings and have released the 'XT' line of strings. These boast the same long life that you would expect from a coated string, but having a super thin plastic coating makes them feel much more natural and familiar to that of an uncoated string, giving you best of both worlds! 

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