When it comes to transporting or storing your guitar or bass a good quality case is a must have, to ensure its safety when not in use. We stock an array of cases for any situation, be it taking a guitar to school for lessons or flying around the globe on tour! For flying and touring our best case for the job is Hiscox. These cases offer unrivalled protection to any instrument place in them and give you the piece of mind that whatever happens your prized guitar inside will always be kept in tip top condition! Available in any size to fit Fenders, Gibsons, Offsets, Basses and more, there really is no substitute for a Hiscox Lite Flight hard case! 

For the Fender players out there we offer a range of hard cases for all Fender models in an array of different styles. Keeping in the true '50s and '60s style the Fender hard cases come in the classic tweed or black vinyl style, and even more recently a bright surf green! They feature a brilliant plush interior, large compartment and double locks and certainly look the part with a Fender guitar in them! 

With the fast paced nature of some gigs these days the humble gig bag has made its way back into the scene, allowing for the quick, light and easy transport of your instrument straight to the gig. MONO lead the way with the gig sleeves which offer incredible protection for such a light case as well as a large compartment where you can fit a laptop or even small pedalboard alongside all your normal case accessories! For a more affordable version of this Kinsman make the brilliant Ultima case which is foam case with a rigid shell. especially good for acoustics these cases offer a light alternative to a hard case without compromising on protection and also featuring back straps. 

For something more simple thats more tailored to taking your guitar to jams or rehearsals or to school or university for lessons a traditional gig bag is all you need. Fenders range of soft cases offer great protection and a lightweight design for a brilliant price. With space for music and books they are a great case! On-Stage, Mojo and Kinsman also offer similar gig bags that will compliment any guitar and help it safe during transportation!  

To check out our full range of cases and find the right case for your guitar scroll below and check out our full range!