When it comes to the controls on your guitar often is the case that a pot or switch gets worn out or a control knob falls off at a gig somewhere and you need a replacement! In our parts section we stock an array of different switches, pots and control knobs to get your guitar back up and running like new! From brands such as Fender, Allparts, Switchcraft and more we have some of the best aftermarket parts available for a wide range of guitars including Fender, Gibson and many many more! The same goes for control knobs, of which we stock all styles for pretty much any electric guitar or bass! 

For Fender guitars we stock any array of official fender parts that are the same as the stock pots, knobs and switch on any production line fender. Control knobs are available in an array of styles and finishes including black, white and aged white, whilst pots and switch can be of any variety found in a Fender style guitar. Our range of Guitartech spares also covers the control knob style of nearly every guitar or bass, so if your in need of a new set, of just fancy a change we have you covered! 

For a full list of all of our spare pots, switch and control knobs, take a scroll down below!