When building the perfect recording space either at home or in a studio environment its important to have the right gear and also a good selection of it. Have a good selection of guitars and amps is key so that you have a wide range of tones to reach to when finding something suitable for the track or band your working with. The same goes for effects pedals, all of which we have a huge stock of here at Guitarbitz. To find out more about all of these products please check out our specific buying guides on our home pages, which will help guide you to some of our best products and help you to get the pieces of gear that you really need!

To go along with the awesome guitar gear that you may already have or be purchasing we also stock a great array of products that will aid your recording of them, including some fantastic microphones, interfaces and cables. From AKG and CAD we have some brilliant microphones ranging from some brilliant classic dynamic microphones such as the D7 to some awesome condenser mics such as CADs fantastic GLX range of microphones. Connecting your mics to the interface we also stock some super high quality XLR cables from Fender and D'addario, that offer rugged build quality and low noise! 

To check our our full range of effects and recording equipment take a scroll below!