Keeping every in tune and and solid on your guitar are your tuning machine heads, which play a vital role in how your guitar sounds! Everyone wants to be as in tune as possible at all times and a solid set of tuners will aid you in doing just that! Machine heads are a precise and highly engineered piece of kit so investing in a good set is a wise move! We have some top quality sets available at Guitarbitz from fantastic brands such as Grover, Graphtech, Fender & more. There are many options available from direct vintage replacement style tuners to the more modern locking variety for electric guitars.

Grover are the kinds if tuning machine heads and can be seen on many of the most high end guitars from the last sixty years. Whether you have a Gibson, Fender or any model of guitar, Grover will have a set that will fit perfectly and provide you with endless tuning stability. For Fender style guitars we offer direct replacements as well as the ever popular locking variety that allow for super quick string changes and further enhanced tuning stability. To match the current hardware on your guitar we have tuners finished in all sorts of options including chrome, gold and black! 

Graphtech also produce some fantastic high end replacement tuners that are sure to function and look fantastic on any guitar. For other options we also stock a wide range of All Parts tuners and also Guitarman tuners that are a perfect affordable option if you simply need to replace a damaged tuner or upgrade some tired old tuning pegs! 

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