Whether you're a singer songwriter looking to take to the stage, a bedroom player that's looking to to some recording or a percussive acoustic player looking to lay down some rhythm we have a wide selection of Electro-Acoustic Guitars for you! Electro-Acoustic guitars have become an essential tool for many traditional and modern acoustic guitar players alike. Being able to amplify your acoustic through a speaker system can be really handy for when you want to play at gigs or open mic nights. We stock an array of Electro-Acoustics from some of the best brands including Martin, Tanglewood, PRS, Vintage, Sigma, Seagull and more!

Most Electro Acoustics as standard will have a piezo pickup underneath the saddle, a lot of which are active pickups that are powered using a 9-volt battery. The advantage of this is that you will get at least one tone control or on a lot of models you will have a multiple band EQ giving you maximum control over your sound directly from your guitar. Another great advantage of having an on-board preamp is you will also often get a tuner built in helping you tune your guitar wherever you are.

Some of the more premium brands will often only have a couple controls inside the sound hole or use passive pickups so they do not have to cut out any of the sides of the guitar to make room for the preamp. This will help keep the natural tonal characteristics of the guitar as well as maintaining the traditional look or an acoustic guitar. Martin and PRS both do this fantastically with there X Series and SE line of electro-acoustic guitars, with a subtle set of volume and tone controls set just inside the top of the sound hole, only there for when you need them! 

The electro acoustic style enables you to be prepared in any live and recording scenario, just ready to plug in whenever you need. Tanglewood offer some fantastic electro-acoustic guitars at great prices with their very popular 'Super-Folk' range starting at just £229, all of which feature excellent construction and superb playability.

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