There's fewer things more jaw dropping than watching someones guitar hitting the deck because their strap has slipped off their stock strap buttons! Don't let this be you, kit yourself out with a nice pair of strap locks to protect your pride and joy from being relic'd by the stage! Dunlop, D'addario and Fender all make excellent quality strap locks with a locking attachment for your strap, that coupled with its matching strap button counterpart will stay secured to your guitar in even the most wild scenarios! For those of you that don't want to have a metal attachment on your strap D'addario do a rotating elliptical strap button that will spin to stop the strap from coming off over the button. A cheaper solution are Fenders simple but highly effective strap blocks which sell for just £2 a set and simply slip over the strap button once the strap is on to ensure its fixture. Dunlop also offer a plastic version of this with a rotating locking mechanism that has proved popular for many years! 

Take a scroll down below to see which strap lock system will work for you!