Guitar Slides are a whole new way to express yourself on the guitar. There's no real correct finger to wear it on, it mainly depends wether you're playing pure slide guitar or are only adding in slide parts between chords and notes. The incredible Derek Trucks is often seen playing with it on his ring finger where as the more traditional KebMo uses it on the pinky finger. These two slide players and slide playing in general is usually found in Blues guitar music with the first appearance on a record dating back to 1923, played by American Country Blues artist Sylvester Weaver. As you can imagine this is not a one size fits all situation, therefore slides come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate for all players hand sizes. Usually sized in ring sizes, this gives a more accurate way of knowing if a slide will suit you or not.

Secondary to size is the material type, with glass, ceramic, steel and brass slides out their what is the real difference and what type should you go for? 

Glass slides provide a warm and smooth, some would say "angelic" sound. Metal slides give a rougher, sharper sound and would be more suited to Blues Rock. Ceramic slides sit nicely in the middle of these two and can provide the most versatile sound.

Dunlop are one of the best brands when it comes to slides and provide a wide variety of sizes, materials and shapes to suit all your needs. Check them all out below and happy sliding!