There's nothing worse than setting up your gear, dialling in the volume and hearing that dreaded hum! Having a designated power supply for your pedals will give you a much more consistent tone and eliminate any potential power problems such as noise and feedback. Isolated power supplies are the best powering solution as each output sends voltage and current to each pedal individually, stopping any problems with interference and signal chain noise. MXR provide some of the best power supplies in the game and can accommodate any size board. Starting with the Mini Iso-Brick that powers up to five pedals and cat neatly fit on or under any board you can go larger again all the way up to the full size Iso-Brick that can power even the biggest of boards with any array of different voltage and milliamp options!

We also carry rechargeable power suppliers for musicians hitting the streets or those that want to get set up super quick and not be hunting around on a dark stage for a power source! One of the most popular models that we sell corresponds perfectly with its pedal board counterparts and that the Pedal-train Volto. Being the size of a smart phone, this power supply fits perfectly even up the smallest Pedaltrain Nano boards. Taking countless recharges and giving hours of play time, this little unit is a perfect accompaniment for a small and compact pedal board. 

For those wishing to power just one single pedal or use individual power supplies, we also stock an array of 9v power supplies. From Dunlop, Electro-Harmonix and other brands we stock many different varieties of power supply, also in different voltages for those using larger and more complex effects pedals. Tour grade 9v batteries from D'addario are also available for those wishing to keep things simple and old school! 

For a full list of our extensive range of power supplies take a scroll below to see what will work best for the pedal setup that you're creating!