For the gigging guitarist or bassist a strap is a must have piece of gear and here at Guitarbitz we stock an array of different straps to suit the exact look and feel that your after! We have straps from a lot of top strap brands such as Dunlop and DSL and also from your favourite guitar brands such as Fender and Gretsch, so you can really get something to complete your guitar! Other top accessory brands also offer some fantastic strap options such as D'addario and Ernie Ball, with D'addario offering a huge variety of straps from your think, wide leather ones to a basic colour woven strap! 

Some of our most jazzy and varied straps come from the awesome Jim Dunlop who have a strap for any situation. One popular range is the Jimi Hendrix range of straps, that consist of some awesome original retro designs but also some new designs including the 'Love Drop' strap which is not only super padded but also nice and wide, which helps spread the weight of a heavy guitar! The new 'I Love Dust' range of straps also offer some bright and vibrant designs that are sure to stand out in any band situation. For a touch of luxury this year has also seen Dunlop release the Pendleton range of straps, including the awesome 'Wool Le Paz Scarlet' strap which is ultra comfortable and looks awesome with its brass buckle and fittings!

To coincide with all of our straps we also stock D'addarios gel shoulder pad, which can be added to any strap to provide lots of extra comfort if you're playing a long set of have a particularly heavy guitar! 

To check out our full range of awesome guitar, bass, ukulele and banjo straps scroll down below for our full list of products!