So you've honed your skills and are ready to lay down those killer ideas! Well we have a great range of audio interfaces to suit a variety of needs with a range of input and outputs! We stock the new and improved Behringer range that now have the fantastic low noise Midas preamps on board, low latency, great audio quality and phantom on board power so any microphone can be used. Starting with a simple two input unit which is perfect for nearly all guitar and bass recording scenarios, the Behringer range of interfaces goes all the way up to a four by four model that is much more suitable to recording small bands or micing up a sizeable drum kit!

For the musician looking to travel and record we carry the super portable BandLab interfaces, these plug straight into the jack socket of any tablet or phone including iPads, iPhones and Android devices! They come with their own software that is very simple to use and you'll be recording in minutes! Perfect for those who want to jam or recording when away or our on the road, these are fast becoming an essential bit of kit to keep musicians creating during any opportunity! 

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