The electric guitar section of our amplifier department is one of our most extensive areas. We have a whole range of amps suitable for all manor of uses from home practice to big gigs! From brands such as Orange, Fender and VOX we have amps from some some of the best brands in the business who have been producing amplifiers for some of the worlds top players for multiple decades. In more recent times solid state and modelling amps have risen in popularity and have become a more common sight in studio and live situations due to their versatility and consistency.

For many players there is no substitute for the warm and rich tones that only a valve amp can provide. From small combos to large head and cab setups we’ve got something to suit any stage or recording scenario. Our range of Orange valve amps are perfect for big heavy rock tones and beyond, with their TH30 and OR15 heads providing more than enough clear gain for even the heaviest of metal bands. For studio recording Supro’s Blues King combos offer a big kick of blues rock power in incredibly small casings, sporting an array of different wattages. Fender also have a classic range of amps with the ‘Blues Junior’ and “Hot Rod Deluxe’ being super popular options with a lot of versatility.

For those not needing the power and volume that a valve amp can provide who are in need of something to use around the house, we have a huge array of different practice amps available. Fenders range of ‘Mustang GT’ modelling amplifiers have been super popular for home use with their ability to emulate many different amps and effects at even the lowest volumes. Orange’s ‘Crush’ range also offer a brilliant solid state amp that’s perfect for home use, with a sweet overdrive and clean channel, available in a range of wattages.

Be it something to use around the house or on a huge stage, we have got the amp for you. Take a scroll down below and check to what some of our fantastic brands have to offer!