As a guitarist a solid pair of headphones for both practice and recording are an essential piece of kit to have. Over ear headphones are the perfect studio companion, wether you need clear playback for your recording sessions or are looking to bring out every detail during mixing and mastering! We have a great selection from some of the best headphone brands on the market ranging in price, specification and colour. Closed back headphones are great if you want as little sound escaping into a mic or as little sound getting in, whilst open back give a slightly more natural sound. Here are Guitarbitz we've got some great headphone options from AKG, CAB and more that will suit all situations!

CAD Audio are a fantastic brand that have been contributing to the world of recorded audio since 1931. Their headphones range from the simple lightweight variety all the way through to top end studio headphones. Starting at just £20 the MH100's are perfect if you just want to practice quietly at home without disturbing the neighbours! However for something more appropriate to take into a professional studio the MH510 line offers comfort and impeccable sound quality.

AKG are also one of the most renowned brands for high quality studio equipment, and with affordable prices ranging from £30-£100+ theres something for every budget whilst maintaining great audio quality. The K72 model from AKG is one of our top sellers and a top recommendation, combining great quality and sound with an affordable price tag! 

For a full and extensive list of our whole range of headphones, take a scroll down below and pick yourself out a new pair today!