As part of our recording and pro audio section we stock a large range of both dynamic and condenser microphones. We stock a great range of dynamic live microphones that are robust to deal with the harsh environment that often comes with being on the road. The AKG D5 is a personal favourite of ours, with some of the most impressive clarity and full vocal range capture from any dynamic mic on the market, especially when compared to microphones that have been an industry standard for decades! Recording microphones are usually condenser mics, which come in a small or large diaphragm configuration. These require 48v phantom power to charge the coil and allow it to move. This makes the microphone much more sensitive and gives the best results for recording. They often have switchable polar patterns but more often than not will be used on the cardioid setting to reduce the mic picking up reflections from the room!

Small Diaphragm mics tend to be used on instruments such as overheads for drums, acoustic guitars and pianos whilst large diaphragm mics are best suited for vocals in the studio environment. 

We offer some excellent mic packages from CAD audio and have been contributing to the audio market since 1931. If you're looking for multiple dynamic mics to get your bands backing vocals in the mix with three mics, the the D32 Pack is perfect for just £59.99. Alternatively if you're looking to record a large array of acoustic instruments in the studio, then the large and small diaphragm GXL3000 studio mic pack will have you covered!

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